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Where to Buy Your Caribbean Vacation Home

The Caribbean is—no doubt—a leading destination for vacationers, with its endless choices of water activities, gorgeous sandy beaches, and sunny weather. All of those factors as also make the Caribbean is the perfect location to purchase a vacation home.

In fact, Grand Cayman is one of the easiest places to acquire luxury Caribbean villas and there are several reasons why it has become a preferred choice of investors. It has recorded tremendous growth over the last couple of years and continues to stand as a prospective place for investments.
In the first seven months of 2016, freehold property transfers in the Cayman Islands increased by an estimated 32.8%, equivalent to US$475,124 or KYD 389,602. This commendable growth is a great shift that demonstrates a possibility of positive progress for the Caribbean property industry at large.
Several incentives set by the Cayman Islands government through the Lands and Survey Department has also helped make the Cayman Islands more attractive to investors. For example:

  • Scrapping direct taxes, such as annual property tax, taxes on inheritance or nonresident tax as well as sale tax.
  • Removing restrictions on foreign ownership and allowing corporate as well as groups of people to own property.

The process of acquiring the property has also been made easy. The Torrens System, where each site has registered for the property, is used to outline property details and the register can be accessed at the Lands and Survey Department. It is the primary document that shows the legal description of the property, history of ownership among other things.
Investing in Grand Cayman real estate is ideal for those seeking exclusivity, given that a number of private, luxury homes, villas and condos are available on the island.

Seven Mile Beach boasts beautiful condominiums and homes with waterfront and beach front views which are ideal for single family homes. Prices of properties here are in the range of KYD1, 066 (US$1,300) per square foot.

One very encouraging consideration is the high return on investment. Condominiums range between US$4,000 to US$11,000 per square meter or even higher. There are also properties that can fetch between US$3,000 to US$4,500 monthly

Choose from a number of Cayman Islands real estate agencies who will be more than happy to guide you through your property search. It is recommended to seek relevant information from those who are well acquainted with the Islands, so you can make the best, most informed decision.
With its luxurious lifestyle, the Cayman Islands is a heavenly place to invest in real estate with a sure guarantee of returns for investors and high-end life for dwellers.