Thinking About a New Kitchen? Nov21


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Thinking About a New Kitchen?

When you start to realize that the old kitchen just has to go, where do you start?

The first thing when you consider kitchen remodeling is to determine what really needs to change and what does not. There is something truly exciting about taking a kitchen with no redeeming qualities and gutting it. That way you can start from raw walls and do everything new. Find a design contractor in your area who can help you with the layout and feasibility of each aspect.

In the event that not everything has to go you can work your way around the things that stay. How much is in your budget is also an influence.

Let’s say you are tired of your cabinets, but they are solid and intact. Refinishing them can save a lot of money, but require some real work. Take the doors off, sand and stain with a new color or paint them rather than buying new doors. The same goes for the cabinets themselves. You can even get creative with interesting glass built into the doors, and maybe some lighting inside and new hardware changes everything. Since you have them open and empty, painting the insides and applying new shelf paper will make them seem like brand new. Add some inexpensive racks and separate compartments that you can get from just about any store and you have optimized the space.

Counter and sink replacement is a big part of the remodeling process and there are many options to choose from. Visit your local do-it-yourself store for some great ideas for various materials. For instance, granite is popular and durable, but also one of the more expensive options ( Formica is very inexpensive and has the most variety of colors and patterns, but it too can be damaged. Corian, which is moderately priced, looks like granite and if damaged can be repaired. An added feature is a Corian sink which when installed will have no seams.

Flooring choices are also plentiful. Tile is widely used as it is durable and easy to care for. Some people find tile hard to stand on for long times and it can crack. Wood floors are easier on the feet, but may become damaged by moisture unless coated. Vinyl or laminate are versatile and very affordable choices.