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The Real Tooth Fairy Online Game

There is an online tooth fairy game called, “The Real Tooth Fairies.” The game is developed by a company called Royal Council of the Real Fairyland LLC. It is an online computer game for girls. It is free to play and you have lots of options on things to do in the game. We you sign up on the site, which is free, you make an avatar called the ME doll. This is the Character that you create to interact with others online. After that process is complete and you choose the way that your ME doll looks by selecting clothes, skin color, hair color and hair style, you can make your ME doll look like you or something from your imagination. It’s completely up to you. After the ME doll is complete you get matched up with your very own Tooth Fairy in the game.

Once you get started, you and your tooth fairy will have a few options on what to do next. You can go shopping for new clothes for your ME doll. You can purchase new clothes to change the way your Me doll looks for any occasion. You have the option to go on a unicorn ride. You get to create your own unicorn. You and your tooth fairy can take your newly created unicorn on your first magical ride.

There also a Furry Pet Rescue activity. In this activity in the online game you’re ME Doll and your tooth fairy companion actively rescues pets. Other activities include a makeup game and fairy fashion game. In the make-up activity your ME doll can get a full makeover. This activity would be a great way for girls to express who they are and use their creativity to make their ME doll look how they want it to. In the fairy fashion game you get to try on lots of clothes.

There is also a tooth brushing activity to do. In this activity it shows the user the proper way to brush their teeth. Two minutes, two times a day. This activity also shows different ways to brush your teeth to make sure you brush every tooth.