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The Must Have Tools for Remodeling a Home

Real estate investors in San Diego can rehab their distressed property just like Than Merrill and team of the popular Flipping San Diego show. All that’s required is the right manpower and just the right tools to turn that run-down old property into the home of some family’s dream.

The tools needed include:

Solid-Steel Framer’s Hammer With Ripping Claw
This hammer is one of, if not the most, sturdiest tools on the market and the most recommended for demolition.

Hammer Loop and Work Belt
A hammer loop work belt contains a steel hammer loop that is the perfect place for workers to store their hammer from their belt.

Extension Cords
Purchase one 50 ft. and one 25 ft. cord, which is usually sufficient for most jobs. Be sure the gauge on both cords are large enough to handle the amperage of the most powerful tool.

Tools Pouch
The tool pouch provides a convenient way to tote tools without storing them in your pocket.

Lung Protection
Sweeping and removing old plaster can both omit their share of dust, therefore, invest in breathing masks and cartridge respirators for dusty work.

Safety Glasses
Safety glasses tend to get lost, fogged from condensation, and broken, so purchasing at least two pair will suffice.

Demolition Bars
The construction business relies on everything from a small 7-inch bar to a 5-ft long bringers of doom bar.

Tarps and Drop Cloths
Plastic tarps help catch debris, while painters canvas drop cloths protect surfaces while painting.

Hearing Protection
Earmuffs work great for loud jobs, while ear plugs provide good hearing protection for moderately loud jobs.

Invest in a variety of pliers including diagonal, side-cutting, ironworkers and compact bolt-cutting pliers.

Shop Vacuum
Sometimes debris gets trapped in electrical boxes and wall crevices, so having a shop vacuum is convenient.

Standing on buckets or boxes is dangerous, instead, invest in an extension ladder, step ladder and a step stool to avoid a trip to the hospital.

A hand broom, exterior push broom and a dust pan are usually sufficient to tidy up most work sites.

Work can’t be done properly if it’s too dim, therefore, invest in free-standing lighting, hanging lighting and hands-free lighting, such as a head lamp, to properly illuminate the work space.

Saw Blades
Invest in a variety of saw blades including jig saws, circular saws and reciprocal saws to cut a variety of surfaces.

Invest in various types.

Saw Horses
4 to 6 plywood for cutting and support lumber are sufficient for keeping tools and boxes off the floor.

Some work spaces are so dirty, rather than ruin a good work uniform, invest in coveralls instead.

Marking Implements
Invest in a silver sharpie, carpenter’s pencil, black sharpie and a carbide tip scribe for marking a variety of surfaces.

Drill Bits
Invest in a variety of blades including ship auger, spade bits and twist drills for making a variety of holes.