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New Siding to Give Your Home a Refresh

Many people today are looking to not only pay off their mortgage, but to increase the value of their homes. Increasing the value of the home can be achieved by generating cosmetic fixes. The frame of the house may be fine, and generally what the home needs are exterior and some interior feature replacement.

Often times people look at a home and see the fixtures, the details, and the finishes. These details may seem superficial but they are vital to the look and appeal of the home. When one looks at a home from the side of the road they take in the home’s “curb appeal”. If the window frames are looking shabby and rotted away from the wet, and the front door looks weather worn and old, the rest of the house seems to reflect the upkeep of those features.

A home with replaced and fresh siding, new windows, and a brand new door reflect that that home has been kept in good condition. There are so many siding options to choose from, depending on the overall look and feel of your home. These exterior projects having already been taken care of also gets the buyer in good confidence that they will not have to do any major cosmetic work to the home’s exterior once they move in. They know that they can move right in and relax, and this makes them feel more eager to buy.

Two other aspects of a home’s interior are kitchens and bathrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. A hallway is a hallway is hallway, but a dated kitchen is a deal breaker for many home buyers. The typical home buyer is not an interior designer who knows how to put together a sleek new and updated kitchen. It can be also hard for the potential home buyer to envision how this new and updated kitchen would look when they are staring at a wall full of 1980’s cabinetry. A remodeled kitchen may only cost $10,000 but can bring up the home’s value by $25,000. The same holds true for bathrooms.

The money that a home owner puts in to renovations is usually made back several times when they close on that higher sale. Siding, windows, doors, kitchens and bathrooms that are up to date leaves a potential home buyer feeling comfortable that they are walking in to something they won’t have to put work into for many years, and for them, this is also an investment in their future.