Aquariums keep garden dreams alive all winter Nov21


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Aquariums keep garden dreams alive all winter


The calming sounds of nature fill our yards and gardens during the growing season. Bird song fills the air and, for many, the sound of water in motion.

Bring these beautiful sights and sounds indoors this winter by exploring some of this week’s ideas for ways to garden indoors.

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Aquarium gardens

Aquariums aren’t just for fish, and a new trend toward indoor gardening underwater is catching on. Visit a pet supply store to pick up a selection of aquarium gardening plants. You’ll be able to find basic aquarium plants quite easily. From there, expand your selection by ordering from specific garden retailers and online sources.

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There are many types of plants available for aquarium gardens, including aquatic mosses, aquatic ferns, marginal plants, floating plants and others. Explore shapes and styles of aquariums, including spheres, built-in models, tables, shelves and more.

Start simple with a basic aquarium available just about anywhere. Even a small goldfish bowl is a simple, practical way to begin.

Garden soaps and more

Turn the fruits of your labor into fragrant and soothing garden soaps, candles, bath salts and more by following simple recipes available online or in garden books. All parts of the plants may be used to create fragrant soaps and other bath treats, including flowers, paddles, seeds and more. If you don’t have your own, you can pick up dried plant seeds, as well as oils, at area hobby and craft stores.

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