Spice Up the Night Jul25

Spice Up the Night

A well-placed gazing ball will multiply candlelight and fairy lights for a dazzling effect. Hang a mirror on a nearby fence or wall to reflect romantic lighting. Incorporate plants with white blooms and silvery foliage in your beds; they will add depth as they glow in the moonlight.

The Benefits of Installing a Storm Door Jul23

The Benefits of Installing a Storm Door...

Replacement storm doors add both beauty and energy savings to your home, for a comfort that is unmatched. Installing a storm door provides many benefits for the home owner including a cooler home in the summer, lower heating bills in the winter, protection for your entry door and extra home security.

Counter & Cabinet Choices Jul16

Counter & Cabinet Choices...

Silestone, which is a type of quartz, is apparently the best in the game. There are numerous benefits of silestone countertops over granite. Quartz is an incredibly functional material since it is both strong and durable.